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Benha Faculty of Law

Historical summary

The Faculty of Law was established at Benha branch as independent entity from the Faculty of Law at Zagazig by the presidential decree No. 287 of 1994. Studying at the Faculty had started since 1991 as branch from the Faculty of Law at Zagazig. The Faculty started to graduate its students from the academic year 1992/1993.

Deans of the Faculty from its beginning:

Prof. Dr. Mohamed El Shafy Abu El Ras (until July, 1997)

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abdel Hamid Ashoosh (July, 1999 – November, 2002)

Prof. Dr. Omar El Farouq El Husseiny (from January, 2003)

Prof. Dr. Gamil Mohamed Hussein (from August, 2006)

Prof. Dr. El Shahaat Ibrahim Mansour (now)