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Benha Faculty of Law

Training Agenda

Agenda includes training courses and dates, duration and purpose of
Courses and workshops

A Quality Assurance Unit ((Skills Development Center students and graduates of the Faculty of Law))
Courses are as follows:
Develop and upgrade skills in the field of judicial work and law))

The number of beneficiaries subject session
49 35 students
Versions of contracts and lawsuits
29 - 7-2010
Up to 8 - 8-2010 first
51 21 student action suit and assets of the hearing, defense
29 - 7 2010
8-8 - 2010 Second

Appeal in judicial decisions
And the problems of implementation of the third
Legislation for real estate and authentication
Electronic Commerce V

Session from 23 - 12-2009

Contributions as of Thursday, 21 - 1 -2009

Objective of the project:

- Providing students and graduates of Faculty of Law, some vocational skills such as knowledge of the special formulas of contracts and lawsuits, such as 1 - 2: 5 as also lead this project to raise the general skills of students and graduates of the Faculty of Law, such as scientific research skills - skills of administrative and English - and the French language and computer . Status be granted certificates to a student or graduate certificate after passing the session of the Club supported the development of skills students and university graduates according to passing the course, which he joined successfully and the certificate that will increase employment opportunities Graduates of the Faculty of Law University of milk and put the university in a leading position among institutions of higher education competition.

The number of beneficiaries subject session
Research Skills
Research Methodology - search problems - the preparation of the first search
Administrative leadership skills - Influencing Skills
And communication - skills development --
Recruitment of leadership skills
Second legal
Legal terminology in English --
Legal terminology - terminology
Legitimacy - the English language
The third book of legal research
Legal terminology in French
Legal terminology --
Legal terminology in French
The fourth book of legal research
Computer modeling - programs --
Book research - the international information network
And legal research. V

The training plan:

There are altogether 57 staff has been working to find out a survey form was obtained by the courses Gentlemen of the Staff College as well as courses for which they wish to obtain.
The vast majority have received administrative courses, and some take courses in the computer ((Aluwrd, and Windows)) and wish to obtain advanced courses))

Session from 23 - 12-2009

Contributions as of Thursday, 21 - 1 -2009

Community participation activities a scientific journal Seminars
And the corridors of

Participating units
Scientific departments
Skills Development Center students and law graduates
Unit of quality and accreditation
Strategic Planning Unit
Resource Development Unit