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Benha Faculty of Law

Welcome Speach

In the name of Allah.

The Faculty of Law will remain the center of right and justice which graduates a generations of scientists, judges, and men pave the way to the right and justice. Such generations exist in all State’s institutions. The Faculty of Law will continue to respect the law and disseminate the concept of right and justice. Men of law will remain to know that justice has no two faces. The Faculty celebrates with Students Unions and honors top students who must be a beacon of hope for others. I would like to thank Faculty members for their efforts in work. I want to thank and appreciate consultants who spare no efforts to offer their experience in life and work for their students. I would like to great each excellent student. My prayers for all to success in work and May Allah help all of you for welfare of our beloved country.

Peace and mercy of Allah upon you

prof .Dr. Alshahat Ibrahiem Mansour
Dean of the law faculty, Benha