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Benha Faculty of Law

The activity of foreign relations

The college administration had invited the representatives of Amidst organization in Cairo to a fruitful meeting at the faculty of law in Benha represented in:

  • Prof Dr. AL- shahat Mansour, Dean of the college and the director of the draft quality.
  • Dr. Ahmed AL Baghdady, the executive director of the draft quality.
  • Dr. Salwa youssef Al Ekyaby, reporter of the specialized program.
  • And the presence of professors, lecturers, the assistant lecturers, groups of faculty students, graduates and postgraduate students.

This meeting aimed to spreading of awareness about the importance of the study in the United States of America to the ambitious students who have the capacity for the development of the study, language and the benefit from American educational systems to participate in enrichment of their information and study after their return of study in USA through the international scholarship funded by Amidst organization.

The college administration had invited the faculty of Arts in Benha, to conclude a cooperation agreement between the two faculties represented in:
- Prof Dr. Al-Shahat Mansour, Dean of the faculty of law and the director of quality project.

- Prof Dr. Hamada Abd el Wahab Ismael, Dean of the faculty of Arts and the director of quality project.

- Prof Dr. Ahmed Mohamed El-Baghdady, Executive manager of quality unit in law faculty part one.

- Prof Dr. Ali Mustafa Kamel, Executive manager of quality unit in Arts faculty part two.

The two parts had agreed to make a training courses and workshop and exchange it according to the need of the beneficiaries and the scientific specialization.
Skills development center for the students and the graduates of the faculty of law, by making courses and programs aim to upgrading and the skills and development the capacities of the students and graduates of the faculty of law, those programs are taught by college professors and senior counselors.
The faculty had organized the session of (the institution of legal proceeding and the origins of procedures and defense) in the period from Sunday, July 15 / 11 / 2009 to Wednesday 22 / 11 / 2009.

Which discussed during this period the professors and senior counselors in different training topics as following:

The session

The trainer

The role of administrative delegated in preparation of administrative case

Prof Dr. Mohamed Fawzy

The dispute settlement committees, its rules, scientific problems and evaluation

Prof Dr. Ibrahim El-Temsahy

The tax of commercial and industrial profits and its scientific problems and disputes

Dr. Essam Hosny

The scientific problems in institution of legal proceeding

Prof Dr. Al-Ansary Al-Nedany

The procedures of institution of legal proceeding

Mr. Ahmed Abdullah

Practical application of disputes in family court

Prof Dr. Mohamed Mansour

The rights of accused in the stage of deduction and primary investigation

Mr. Lashin Ibrahim

The rights of accused in the criminal courts

Mr. Hany Al-Bardiny

After the session had been executed evaluation application forms about the future of the center and its social and training role, which taught by Prof Dr. El-Shahat Ibrahim Mansour, the dean of the faculty, after it, the trainees had received the certificates and honoring with the gentlemen guests of the conclusion party, the session was finished by word about next sessions and its basics, this word was thrown by Prof Dr. Ahmed El-Baghdady the director of the skills development center.   

The Arabic – European center for youth and development cooperation with the center in purpose of spreading of culture among Young men and training them in different parts of the republic for the importance of their role – the center introduced a program "successful jurist" on Sunday, 15 / 11 / 2009, lectured by counselor, Ahmed Al-Zend the head of Egypt judges club, and Dr. Mohamed Abu Farha, chairman of the Abu Farha companies group and Mr. Wael Zekre, a famous lawyer in Qalyubia governorate, and this program was under auspices of the faculty of law.
Participation in initiative " good touch of Benha" which was held in the grand parties hall of the University under provision of Prof Dr. Mohamed Safawt Zahran, the president of the University, Prof Dr. Ali Shams El-Din vice-president for students affairs in the presence of the faculty teaching staff and some businessmen in Benha, and the presence of a group of children of social institutions in Benha and old men home in Benha, as a part of the charitable activity which follows the initiative which was established in 10 / 11 / 2009.
The faculty had established a club through it, choosing the talented among the sons of the faculty, the choosing realized by delegation an arbitration committee from the specialized faculties, through this club it had been chosen the talented students, and the committee had recommended by training them as soon as possible.
This committee was headed by Dr. Hanan Makhlouf, the professor of commercial law, and the department head, with the presence of arbitration committee consists of Dr. Yasser Abd El-Rahman a lecturer in the educational music department, Dr. Amr Mohamed Abdullah, a lecturer in the media department, Dr. Hisham Abdullah, a lecturer in department of educational art, presence both of Ms. Mona Abdullah, assistant professor of the economy and public financial, Ms. Amal Mohamed Zaki, assistant lecturer of civil law and Mr. Mustafa Abdu, a general director of youth care.

In addition to establishment of several workshops, attended by each of:

1-Prof Dr. Alaa Abd Al-Ghafar, faculty of veterinary medicine in Benha.
2-Gamal Abd Rahim Sousa, faculty of veterinary medicine in Benha.
3- Dr. Hany Sheta, Faculty of art education
4- Dr. Ali Mustafa Kamel, faculty of arts
5- Dr. Wadeh, faculty of arts