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Monday, 21 August 2023 13:16

Benha University honors the dinosaur- discovering researcher

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Prof.Dr. Nasser el-Gizaway, the acting president of the university honors the researcher/ Bilal Salim, the assistant lecturer at the geology department in the faculty of science and the member of the fossils team in Mansura University. The acting president of the university thanks prof.Dr. Sherriff Khater, the president of Mansura University and prof.Dr. Hisham Salam, the head of the researching team for supporting the researcher in his scientific endeavor and having mutual research cooperation between both Universities. Prof.Dr. Nasser el-Gizaway says that the University is full of many young scientists in the various research and scientific fields and the university is keen on providing an appropriate and stimulating atmosphere for the researchers so as to be able to link the research papers with the society problems.


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